Ensemble De Bagues Keshi Tahiti & Saphirs Empilable / Stackable Tahitian Sapphires Rings

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Dans cet ensemble / In this kit

  • Bague Argent Massif Or 14K Or & Saphirs Orange 2mm / 14K Gold &  2mm OrangeSapphires Solid Sterling Ring   $475
  • Bague Choux Argent Massif Saphir Orange 3mm &14K / Orange Sapphire 3mm &14K Choux Solid Sterling Ring  $175
  • Bague Argent Massif, 14K,  Keshi Tahiti & Saphir Orange 2mm / Solid Sterling,14K,  Tahitian Keshi & Orange Sapphire 2mm   $335

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